A Simple Prayer


Yesterday at the Inspire Women’s Conference I got the pleasure of hearing several women share the story of how God changed their lives. The common thing I heard in all of their stories mirrored what I myself knew was the turning point in my life: a simple prayer. You see, all of these women mentioned a simple prayer, a cry for help, an “I can’t do this so you’re going to have to Lord” prayer. A simple request of: Lord help me; Lord change me; Father show me; Father here’s my life.

These prayers were nothing grand. There was no big show involved. They were all just simple, passionate, heartfelt, desperate pleas cried out alone to the mighty, sovereign God of the universe.

It is in these quiet moments of surrender, when we admit we can’t but God can, when we admit we need God, that He can and will begin a mighty work in us.

There is power in that simple prayer. Jesus tells us in scripture that whatever we ask for in prayer, if we just believe we have received it, we will (Mark 11:24).

Jesus used a fig tree to make this point. One day, while walking with his disciples, Jesus was hungry. They came upon a fig tree that was fruitless. Imagine the disappointment. Big Sigh!! I felt that this morning after church. With a growling hungry belly, I realized my favorite after church lunch place was closed. Grrr…my growling hungry belly would have to wait a little longer to be fed. Well, guess what Jesus did. Jesus didn’t just walk to the next fig tree. No, he cursed that tree. He said, “May no one ever eat fruit from you again (Mark 11:14). Jesus closed that tree down for business. The disciples heard Him but didn’t think much of it. I’m guessing they thought it was just an idle threat because, later we see when they came upon the tree again, Peter “remembered” and commented saying, “Look Rabbi! That fig tree you cursed is withered” (Mark 11:21). Jesus then tells the disciples and us:

“Have faith in God”: I assure you: If anyone says to this mountain, ‘Be lifted up and thrown into the sea’, and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him. Therefore, I tell you, all the things you pray and ask for- believe that you have received them, and you will have them” (Mark 11:22-24).

In Psalms, David tells us when we cry out to the Lord, He hears us. Not only does He hear us but He will deliver us (Psalm 34:4; 17).

God hears us when we cry out to Him. Every time!

Those mountains we face, can be moved, can be conquered, if we just ask and believe.

What are you struggling with today? What is your mountain?

Is God asking you to obey and you just don’t know how? All it takes is a simple prayer of, “Lord, I want to obey you but I don’t know how. Help me. I can’t do this on my own”.

Is God asking you to serve outside of your comfort zone? “Lord, I hear what you are asking me to do and I want to be faithful but I just don’t see how I can do this. You’re going to have to make it happen because I just can’t do this on my own.”

Do you know you need to make a change in your life but you just don’t see it happening? Yet again, a simple prayer is all that is needed. “Lord, I know I need to stop _________ but I’ve tried and I just can’t. I need you because I can’t do this on my own.”

Maybe, you’ve never prayed that first simple prayer of salvation to turn your life over to Him. If you are feeling that tug on your heart, all it takes is a simple prayer. You can pray that prayer today. Let me know and I’ll be there to pray with you.

When faced with a looming mountain in front of you, you have a choice. You can navigate around it (avoid it). You can stay where you are or go a different route (taking you off course). You can turn around and run (give up). Or, you can pray and trust God to help you bust right through that mountain victorious!!

Whatever mountain you’re facing, a simple prayer is all that is needed to get to the other side.

A simple prayer of surrender and belief is all it takes. How do I know that? Well, Jesus told me that in His Word and then He showed me!