Where Was God?

During or following a loss or tragedy, people often question God…. where was He when…. if there was a God, why would….. WHERE WAS GOD?

This morning, our pastor told a story of great loss. He went on to say at times like this it’s easy to ask, “where was God in all of that”. I stopped hearing for a few minutes after that (sorry Pastor). I started thinking back to my own recent tragedy. My thought was, awe, man God was all over it- right in the middle of it.

God is right in the middle of our tragedies ready to comfort us and hold us up. The Bible says, God is near to the broken hearted (Psalm 34:18). Indeed He is.

Where was God when my son was suffering from addiction? Where was God when I lay watching the machine breathe for him? Where was God when he took his last breath.

Can I share where I saw God?

God was there listening to my prayers night after night as I poured my heart out to Him in desperation over my son’s struggles.He was there putting my broken heart back together every time he would have a setback or relapse.

God was there with His angels surrounding my son during his first and second overdoses. Holding him in His hands. Giving him another day to fight and another day to get to know His Heavenly Father.

God was there calling to my son, showing Himself to my son in treatment; loving Him with His true and perfect love. God was there in his salvation.

God was there with me strengthening and growing my faith; Teaching me to trust in Him and not my own plans; Giving me a desire to serve; Giving me peace and joy.

God was there working in the hearts of Parker and his family and all who knew him.

God was there when Parker overdosed that last time, keeping Him here long enough for me to say goodbye.

God was there as I prayed over my son in that hospital bed and as I sang songs of praise to Him.

God was there comforting me and setting me upon a rock as I watched my son take his last breath.

God was there with outstretched arms the moment he took his last breath.

God was there giving life to someone else through Parker’s death.

God was there giving me the words to say at his funeral so that others may hear of His goodness and find comfort in a time of great sorrow. God was there holding me up and giving me an unexplainable peace and joy that still blows my mind.

God was there in the impact Parker had on others through his death; using it for His glory and our good (Romans 8:28-29)

God is here with me this Christmas giving me a heart of thanksgiving and praise as I look at that empty chair; reminding me of His promises and that this life on earth is not all there is for those that believe in Him and follow Him.

Yes, God is right there in the middle of our greatest struggles just waiting on us to turn our eyes toward Him.

God is here for you and me this Christmas ❤️